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Useful Links

Local Events 

Check out local events around Huntsville and Area!

Muskoka Lake Data Sheets

Check out this link to view facts on Lakes in Muskoka including depth, size, if there is any crown land surrounding it, fish type, and more!

My Bus to School

Check out this link to find out what school district you are in- and if you are eligible for a bus!

Postal Code Lookup

Need to know your new postal code? Check out this link!

Waste Management

Check out Muskoka’s Waste Management Guide to find pick up schedules, green bin info, yard waste info, dump schedules and more!

Town of Huntsville Zoning By-law

Need to know what the zoning codes are? This link explains what the different codes mean, by-laws affecting what you can do with your property, and more!

Town of Huntsville Interactive Map

Check out this link to show you the different zoning areas, wards, parcels, and more municipal information.